For much of his adult life, Theron Nelsen has been a coach in some capacity. When he was first starting out, he was a college football coach at Defiance College in northwest Ohio—which is where he met his wife, Darlene. Theron had previously held a football scholarship to the University of Idaho, and his passion lay in sports at the time. He’d put his focus into earning a degree in Physical Education while he maintained that scholarship.

After earning his first degree, Theron signed with the Denver Broncos and played professional football. Not too long thereafter, Theron went back to school to get his Master’s. From there, he coached at Idaho, and then he stepped back a bit and coached at the high school level.

Throughout those coaching experiences, Theron learned the art of working with people to help them achieve their goals and reach their dreams. He became well-versed in the science of communication and in the value of seeing past current performance into real potential. Those unique skills transferred over quite well when it came time for him to start his own business, especially since the kind of business he wound up starting involved a different kind of coaching.

Theron acknowledges that his years of coaching undoubtedly have informed his business decisions and the way he coaches new entrepreneurs. He and Darlene both are so grateful that they’ve had the unique opportunity to influence so many lives with their coaching and mentoring. They’ve helped thousands of people build lives and legacies that reflect who they truly are—and that’s something Theron and Darlene are extremely proud to be an integral part of.

Through coaching and mentoring in their current business, Darlene and Theron have found a way not only to perpetuate and secure their own family’s legacy, they’ve also managed to help thousands of other families go into business for themselves. Beyond just the business aspects, the Nelsens delight in helping others to find their passions and pursue meaningful relationships and positive associations to embolden their lives. Coaching for Theron and Darlene is more than a hobby or an occupation; it’s been a lifelong commitment to excellence.

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