Theron and Darlene Nelsen have a remarkable family; they are so proud of everything that their kids and grandkids have accomplished. More than that, though, they love that they’ve been able to be such a large part of all of their lives. Thanks to the nature of the business that they created for themselves, Theron and Darlene have been able to be full-time parents as well as full-time husband and wife.

That was one of the driving factors in Theron’s decision to pursue the business opportunity that was offered to him in the first place. He wanted to be able to bring Darlene home from working as a schoolteacher full-time. When he was able to double her income through his earnings, she was able to retire from teaching for good. After that, Theron’s next goal was to be able to step away from his optometry practice and spend his days at home with Darlene and their kids.

By 1979, that goal was actualized, and they haven’t looked back since. The Nelsens have built a legacy for their family. They secured their family’s financial future, but beyond that, they made sure that their children could be proud of their legacy and what it represents. For Theron and Darlene, starting and continuing to grow their business was more about living out their values and their dreams than simply getting by and making a living.

They wanted to pour their time and their energy into their family, and when they retired from their respective careers, they were able to do just that. They were really happy with the work they had been doing, but they were even happier to be able to be full-time husband and wife and full-time parents.

In the years since, their family has expanded to include three kids, nine grandkids, and now one great-granddaughter. Theron and Darlene have been married for 53 years, and in that time, they’ve not only built their own legacy and grown their own family, but they’ve also been able to help thousands of others do the same for their own families. They are so grateful for everything they’ve been able to accomplish for and with their whole family.

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