Theron Nelsen has set foot on almost every single continent. He’s only flown over Antarctica, but he’s pretty sure he hasn’t missed too much on that front. In addition to helping to start businesses in over 30 different countries, Theron has also been to all fifty states of the United States—for work and for fun. The point being, Theron Nelsen loves to travel. He’s seen almost the whole world over, and he’s loved every minute of it.

He hasn’t been alone in traveling the world, though. For much of it, he’s been accompanied by his wife, Darlene, and often his children as well. The Nelsens love to travel as a family, and they’ve prioritized seeing the world together. Theron and Darlene feel blessed that they’ve been able to explore the world with their children and grandchildren. They’re aware that not every family has had that same opportunity, but they’ve always worked really hard to help other families get to that point.

What has been Theron’s favorite country to visit for business or for fun? Hands down, he’d say he really loves Poland. The food, not so much, but he truly enjoyed his time there and is fond of the people. They were all so receptive and welcoming and warm; he highly recommends traveling to Poland, if the opportunity ever arises.

Another country that intrigued him was South Africa. He got to experience all the beauty and majesty that it had to offer when he traveled there. From safaris to exploring the coasts, Theron took part in some of the most classic South African experiences.

Beyond South Africa and Poland, Theron’s also traveled to Germany, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Philippines, Mexico, and so many more. No matter where he goes, though, he always makes friends and makes it feel like home. Because he’s helped start so many businesses in so many different countries, he’s also run into several people all over the world who have recognized him. He loves those moments where he gets the chance to meet those people he’s helped to build their own legacies—no matter where they are.

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