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Three Questions For A Meaningful Mid-Year Reflection

by | Family

Can you still recall how you welcomed 2019? No one wants to start the year on a bad note so you probably spent a day to party and celebrate. Amidst the fun, the first month of the year is also famous for goal-setting. With resolutions to fulfill and promises to keep, you probably started the year with lots of hope and optimism. Until the New Year vibe eventually gives way to the humdrum of your daily routine and the months begin to pass by in a flash. In the blink of an eye, you woke up and June is here. In your own perfect world, you should have (or almost) accomplished most of your goals for the year by now.

In reality, there is a big chance that you have long abandoned or forgotten your resolutions. A research study done by a social network community for athletes, Strava,revealed that most people give up their New Year’s Resolution as early as January 12. If you are one of those people who fail to keep their resolutions, the said survey can offer a sense of comfort. However, this study should also bring in questions about what made it hard to fulfill the goals you set. You may be feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated around this time of the year, but June is actually a great month for some mid-year reflections. Stop for a while to ponder avout the direction you are heading. Revisit your resolutions and hopefully gain the courage to start over, and this time succeed. The questions listed below may help make your mid-year reflection more meaningful:

What made it difficult to keep your resolutions?
Look back on the past months to understand the factors that made you give up your resolutions so easily. Did you set up unrealistic goals? Then it is time to make some adjustments by setting small but achievable goals. Maybe it was easy to abandon your objectives because you forgot to create a clear and effective strategy to accomplish them. Then it is time to think of a detailed action plan to succeed.  Once you identified the obstacles that prevented you from moving toward your goals, you can start taking steps to correct your mistakes.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Did you try your best to accomplish your goals but still failed? It is probably because you are not fully aware of your own abilities and shortcomings. To deal wisely with life situations, your first goal should be to know yourself. Without this knowledge, you may end up setting impossible goals and starting ventures without any inkling of the difficulties you may have to face.  Knowing your strengths will allow you to use them to your advantage. Meanwhile, being aware of your weaknesses will open your eyes to the areas you need to improve on and circumstances you may want to avoid.

What are the habits that I need to develop?
Resolutions are made by weak people. To successfully commit to something, you need to improve your character and develop exemplary traits. If you want to keep your resolutions, it may be time to assess the traits that you need to develop. For one, you need to instill self-discipline and strengthen willpower. You may also need to be more organized and productive. As you develop good habits, you are also breaking bad ones such as laziness and procrastination.

With half of the year gone, you may think it is too late to revisit the resolutions you made and start over. But can you bear to give up so easily when the second half of the year is still yours to claim? At the end of the day, making resolutions is not set by a specific time or month. Taking a step towards a better you is certainly something you can do anytime you wish.