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Show Your Patriotism All Year Long

by | Patriotism

With the Fourth of July, there often comes a huge surge of patriotism. This holiday brings us a sense of pride and allegiance to Old Glory. But for some of us, the Fourth of July is just not enough. We are bursting with national pride every day, and we want everyone to know. These are just a few ways to show your patriotism all year long.

Fly the Flag

The flag is a symbol of history, natural pride, and freedom. So don’t be afraid to fly the flag all year long. Just don’t forget to follow proper flag etiquette and take care of your flag. You can also fly your flag in non-traditional ways. You can buy bumper stickers, emblems, pins, or even shirts with the flag printed on it.  

Become an Active Citizen

Become a part of your community. There are dozens of way to give to your country to make it a better place for everyone. You can volunteer at soup kitchens, charities, and events. Get to know the people in your community. You can become a public figure by serving on a local council or becoming a representative of a local movement. Be involved in your community and always vote. Voting is one of our major rights, so don’t waste it.

Stay Educated

You should also know what is going on in the country. Stay educated on what great things your country is doing and educate your friends and family. Too often people are weighed down by negative articles and stories, so it’s imperative to remind people what makes this country so great. Great passion for your country can a source of inspiration for others.

Your country has been good to you, now it’s time to be good to your country. What are some ways you stay patriotic all year long?


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    Great article on patriotism!