Handmade Gifts Kids Can Give For the Holidays

Buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones is one of the best parts of the holiday season. But children who are too young to drive or earn enough money for presents want to feel the same sense of ownership and pride when giving holiday gifts. Homemade presents are an excellent  remedy. Here are three handmade gifts kids can give for the holidays.     

1. Annual Ornament

The annual ornament is a hit with sentimental family members who enjoy keepsakes. Not only do handmade ornaments allow your children to flex their creative skills, they also display their artistic growth year after year. There are many ways to approach creating an ornament (with an adult’s help). Here are a few ideas, with links:

*Don’t forget to write the year on the ornament  

2. Mason Jar Mixes

Mason jar mixes are as simple as they sound. All you need is a mason jar, a few decorations to spruce up the outside of the jar, and something yummy to put on the inside. You can let your children have the creative freedom to choose which treats to give. Here are some options of ingredients to mix in:

  • Nuts
  • Chex
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Any Small Candy
  • Oreo or Brownie Chunks 

*Be mindful of allergies and adjust your mason jar mix based on food sensitivities for each recipient

3. Custom Picture Frame

In a digital word, many people store photos on their phones and online albums, making picture frames a dying art. But for those who still enjoy displaying traditional prints, this gift idea is perfect. Picture frames can be made from anything: ranging from items found in nature (leaves, shells, sticks) to popular art mediums (clay, wood, wire). As long as you have a sturdy base, your children can make the front of the frame as colorful or textures as they’d like. Add a personal picture to complete the gift.

Handmade presents are a labor of love. The recipients will feel honored that someone wanted to take the time to create a gift with them in mind. In return, your children will feel gratified when watching just how meaningful it is to give a heartfelt present. What a wonderful way to celebrate the true spirit of the season!  

Theron and Darlene NelsonHandmade Gifts Kids Can Give For the Holidays
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Make Grand Plans With Your Grandkids This Holiday Season

The holidays mean plenty of time to spend with your family and make memories together. And if you’re a grandparent, you already know that spending time with your grandchildren is one of the most special and memorable ways to celebrate any occasion. The bonds between grandkids and their grandparents is a special one, and your grandkids will remember the time you spend together for a lifetime. So make the most of this holiday season by sharing these special moments with your grandkids.

Tell stories of your childhood during the holidays

Everyone loves a good story––especially when it teaches you a bit about your family tree and what it represents. So sit down with your grandkids this holiday season and tell them a little bit about what the holidays were like when you were growing up. Tell them about how your mom made the butteriest biscuits in the neighborhood on Christmas Day or about your dad always danced to Christmas carols in the kitchen. Your grandkids will cherish these stories for years and years to come.

Teach family traditions

Pass down your family traditions and share your holiday season rituals with your grandkids. Do whatever it is that brings everyone together and spreads a little holiday cheer. Decorate the tree together, bake Christmas cookies with the family cookie recipe, or go caroling through the neighborhood with some gloves and a mug of hot cocoa. Whatever you do, keep the family tradition and the holiday spirit alive and share the importance of what these traditions mean to you and the family tree.

Write Christmas cards to everyone in the family

If you gather the whole family together to celebrate the holidays, writing Christmas cards to everyone is one of the best ways to spread the holiday love and spend quality time with your grandkids. There is something special about giving and receiving a handwritten card, so spread the warm spirit of giving by writing Christmas cards with your grandkids to all of the family members this year. Who knows? You might just start a new holiday tradition.

The holidays bring along some of the most precious moments with your family, so make memories that will last a lifetime this year with these ways to spend quality time with your grandkids.

Theron and Darlene NelsonMake Grand Plans With Your Grandkids This Holiday Season
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