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How To Travel Journal Like A Pro

by | Travel

Keeping a travel journal will change the way you notice and experience your adventures for the rest of your life. No longer will you only be concerned with snapping the best picture of the Eiffel Tower your iPhone camera can take. Instead, you’ll be more interested in what you see and how you feel. The art of keeping a travel journal will make you more concerned with actually experiencing your adventures, so you will have details to document and write down later.

In doing so, you might not have a camera roll of evidence that confirms your adventures, but you will have the memories written down in a journal and the details and feelings permanently etched into your memory because physically writing things down forces your brain to process information on a significantly deeper level. Whether you are traveling to Poland or Washington D.C, these tips on how to travel journal will maximize the memories you bring home.   

Get your necessities

Make sure you have all your supplies before you sit down to journal. A sturdy journal is a must as it will accompany you on all kinds of adventures. The rest of your supplies are up to you and your personal preference. Consider purchasing different colored pens or pencils to write with to add some color and spunk to your entries. If you’re really fancy, a Polaroid camera is a great investment when it comes to travel journaling. Once you snap a picture, it prints right away so you can immediately add it to your collection of memories.

Get creative with journal entry styles

Be open minded and get creative with your journal entry styles. If you make sure to include a variety of different entry styles, each new entry is sure to be fresh and uniquely its own. Consider making lists, free writing, storytelling, creative writing, and of course, your typical “Dear Diary” description of the day.

Become a collector of anything and everything on your trip

Boarding passes, postcards, restaurant menus, pressed flowers, the list goes on. Include anything that will help you remember the details of your trip inside your journal. Tape them of staple them onto specific pages and write about the memories associated with each item. The options are limitless.

Be hyper aware

Notice the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings. Notice how they make you feel. Notice how people live and how they interact with each other. Notice everything so you can write about it later. You’ll find yourself paying closer attention to the culture of the city instead of just what you found interesting at first glimpse.

Document daily

Writing every day will not only leave you with a much more impressive and complete travel journal to bring home, but it will also improve your journal writing skills. Your entries will likely result in noticeable progress through the course of your trip. So before you start your first entry, make a plan to write every day of your trip – even if it’s just a sentence.

Once you master these travel journal writing tips, you’ll have a set of skills that will enhance your vacations for the rest of your life. Happy travels!